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Do You NEED to Get Rid of Bats?

Sometimes you desperately need to know How to Get Rid of Bats!

Bat and guano in attic

Bats are interesting and wonderful creatures … that are are very advantageous for humans to have around … JUST NOT TOO CLOSELY!  

Bats make many well-substantiated contributions to the environment in which all live.  They eat (literally!) tons of bugs and insects, pollinate flowers, and they help to plant vegetation by dispersing plant seeds. 

HOWEVER, bats can and do cause serious problems for humans, many of them health problems, if they live inside of the spaces that humans are also living in.

This web site contains an extensive collection of tools, techniques and strategies for getting rid of bats.  The object of this website is to provide a thorough understanding and description of:

Bats in House, compliments of Benjamin Vander Steen

Why might you really want to get rid of your bats

Bats and Rabies – get the facts

How to know if you really have bats in your house, or not

How to get rid of a bat in your house

How to get rid of a bat in your attic

Bat Exterminators or Bat Removal Experts, and how to know whether you need one, or not 

Bat in House, compliments of Zach Klein

Bat Houses

All of this, and much, much more … while still appreciating the many wonderful benefits that bats can provide.